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Tropical Shades

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EURO - Adjustable elastic drawstring and comfort flannel band on inside across forehead.

PONYTAIL - All the favorites you’re used to (comfort flannel band, adjustable elastic drawstring) but with extra room for long hair! Ribbons can be tied at the back of the neck for a bouffant fit, or wrap the ribbon around your hair to secure your ponytail.

SLOUCHY STRETCH - Stretchy beanie style cap. Great unisex style. Perfect for all hair styles and lengths. Can wear hair down or in a high-ponytail. 

SKULL - Classic men’s fit with ties in back. Women can also wear skull cap style, may not be best for long hair.

***Need buttons sewn onto the side of the cap to give your ears a break while wearing a mask at work? Please select “Button Add-on” to cart.