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Valentine's Cap Presale/Custom Order - Please read description

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This pre-sale item does NOT ship right away.

How it all works (Terms/Condition):

*Ordering will be available between Saturday, December 23rd at 7:00 am EST through Wednesday, December 27th until 11:59 pm EST. Fabric will be ordered on Thursday, December 26th. This is considered a custom order. Once fabric has been ordered, orders can not be canceled or altered as specific amount of fabric is being ordered to complete all orders.

** Although our expectation is to have all caps completed before February 1st. There is no guarantee that caps will be delivered before Valentines Day. After fabric is ordered, if fabric is delayed for any reason, it will push back the delivery date. As some of the fabrics are already in house or being printed on demand, this should not be an issue. 

*** If choosing scrub caps with an accent material (accent/euro, ponytail, bouffant, skull, pixie), the accent material will be a complimentary material in similar style as all other rae & grace accent scrub caps.  If you prefer to have a better idea what the cap looks like in as a finished product, we suggest ordering a matching top euro.

**** If Satin/embroidery is desired, an additional 7-14 days may be added past production time.

***** If multiple items are ordered, ALL ITEMS will be shipped with custom orders. Orders will not be split into multiple shipments. If you would like other items earlier, it is recommended to have the Valentines Preorder caps on its own order and all other items on a second order.